Sky Siege for Android

Stand up and Fight! A cutting edge, totally insane game for the Android platform. Sky Siege meshes 3D immersion in shooting mayhem with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, stretching all hardware components of the device to the max and beyond. MADfirm developed the Android version in partnership with Simbiotics, the developer of the original groundbreaking iPhone app.

WARNING: Sky Siege demands big hardware and a reliable compass. It can be sluggish on sub-1Ghz devices, and the controls can be affected if there is magnetic interference. Works brilliantly on Nexus One, HTC Desire, Droid X, EVO 4G, and that class. Doesn’t work on Xperia and Moment due to inadequate device compasses.  And is not suitable for older Android devices like G1, Magic, etc.

TIP: Gameplay is very dependent on the compass – if the controls are shaky or sluggish, or the orientation is off, first reset the compass through the button on the game screen. If that doesn’t work, try to move to a different room or space with less magnetic interference. Or play it outside.

Help us to improve Sky Siege for all devices by sending us your feedback at skysiege[at]madfirm.com.

Accolades for the Android version:

Cool 3D Augmented Reality Game Worth Buying and Playing!and “Best of Motorola Droid X games” - ANDROID TAPP

“One of the coolest first person shooter aircraft games that is out for the Android.  The entire game is in 3D and the graphics are pretty incredible” – BEST ANDROID APPS

Sky Siege for Android is a fantastic looking new game that meshes augmented reality, virtual reality, and 3D gameplay that is sure to cure your summer boredom” – ANDROID GUYS

“…awesome perspective on what gaming on mobile phones is now capable of…”ANDROIDAPPS

MOTOPICK at Motorola’s Shop4Apps store in Argentina – SHOP4APPS

Accolades for the iPhone version:

Selected for Gizmodo’s The Week’s Best iPhone Apps

“Turns iPhone into Deadly portal to the Heavens… startlingly immersive gameplay” – GIZMODO

“Its part of that new crop of games that’s really thinking out of the box in its game mechanics and I think should be applauded for that alone …the augmented reality portion of the game looks awesome” – BONUS LEVEL

“WOW! …an insanely fun augmented reality experience and it comes with our highest recommendation” – MOBILE AUGMENTED REALITY

“Augmented reality games have been plentiful since the 3GS arrived. However, none have managed to stand out from the pack. Sky Siege takes that step forward” -SLIDE TO PLAY

“This game really does take iPhone gaming to a whole new level” -SIMPLE-REVIEWS Noted by Futurist Bruce Sterling on WIRED’s “Beyond the Beyond”

Augmented Reality gaming on the Android (by AndroidHD)

AndroidApps.com Video Review

Original iPhone version from Simbiotics

Available on The App Store.                    droid

The Pease Body Language Calendar

What is your boss, your employee, your sales prospect or your romantic prospect really thinking? Imagine how much more effective, and successful you would be if you knew!Icon Big_realcover

Allan Pease has been known internationally as ‘Mr. Body Language’ for almost four decades since his Definitive Book of Body Language (co-written with Barbara Pease)  became a multi-million best seller and the communication bible for organisations worldwide. Now for the first time Allan and Barbara’s wisdom can be at your fingertips wherever you go with this brilliant body language calendar app for iPhone and iPod Touch from MADFirm.

The very best gems from Pease’s world famous book are presented in a calendar format – allowing you to grow your knowledge and skill in easy to digest snippets. You’ll be served up a fresh, pithy one liner each day, which you can double touch to reveal the entertaining full-length insight on the reverse of each animated calendar page. There is also a well laid out archive menu so you can quickly refer back to earlier insights. With tips for building rapport, spotting deceit, being more effective in business, romance, sales and interviews, you’ll find useful, actionable tips you can use every day. You’ll find this calendar format so much more effective that a read-it-once-and-forget-it guide, and soon reading body language will become an effective habit in your personal and professional relationships. This could be the most life changing app you ever buy!

Available on The App Store


i365ssThe premier personal leadership coaching tool – “iLead 365” – developed in close collaboration with leading Dutch authors on management coaching, and published by one of MADfirm’s partners. This app will be available on the Android platform in May 2010.

Available on The App Store